CVS Training Toolboxes

Using Technology to Drive Productivity

The Training Toolboxes are a set of interactive computer lessons designed to train swine producers on critical aspects of successful swine production and management.

The lessons utilize images, video, and animations to aid in learning, voice talks viewers through topics, and bullets highlight main points. A quiz at the end of every lesson tests the user’s knowledge. Our CVS Quiz Tracking Website allows management to track user progress.

To view a free demo lesson, click here.

Currently we offer a Breeding Toolbox (30 lessons) and a Farrowing Toolbox (31 lessons) in English and Spanish available for purchase. We also offer a Wean-Finish Toolbox "Walking the Pens" made available by Pfizer Animal Health.


Script booklets that contain all of the audio content from the lessons are available in a printed form.

Lessons Available

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Pricing is based on a per computer basis. Please click here for pricing details.

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Lessons Available
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Quiz Tracking Website
Track each learner's progress through the Training Toolbox lessons with our Quiz Tracking Website. The system can also track custom quizzes. Click here to access the site.

Pricing is based on a per computer basis. Click here to see pricing details. Feel free to contact us for pricing questions.

To view a free demo lesson from our Breeding Toolbox click here.

Training Toolboxes mimic hands-on approaches. We take employees through lessons and relate with similar issues happening on farm. It sparks good decision making and ideas among the staff. - Bill Beckman

Each Toolbox must be registered after being installed on your computer. Click here to generate your Key Codes.

User's Manual
Have a question/problem with your Toolbox. Click here to our Training Toolbox User's Manual.