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Farrowing Toolbox

The First Few Hours
  • Inducing Sows to Farrow

  • Sleeving & Monitoring

  • Oxytocin

  • Warming Baby Pigs

  • Reviving Weak Piglets

  • Care of Navel Cords

  • Split Suckling

  • Identifying Problems with the Uterus

Pigs During Lactation
  • Injection of Iron and/or Antibiotics

  • Tail Docking Piglets

  • Animal Identification

  • Teeth Clipping of Baby Piglets

  • Castration of Baby Pigs

  • Castrating Ruptured Piglets

  • Fostering – The First 24 Hours

  • Fostering – After 48 Hours

  • I.D. and Treatment of Baby Pig Diarrhea

  • I.D. and Treatment of Problem Pigs

  • Transferring Weaned Pigs

Farrowing Preparation
  • Cleaning and Setting up the Farrowing Room

  • Preparation for Farrowing

  • Completing the Farrowing Card

  • Understanding Basic Farrowing Room Ventilation

  • Environment-Alarm System Basics

  • Balancing the Environment for Suckling Pigs and Lactating Sows

Sows During Lactation
  • Assessment of the Sows Rearing Ability

  • I.D. and Treatment of Sows with Udder Problems

  • I.D. and Treatment of Sick Sows

  • Feeding the Sow and Gilt

  • Selection of Culled Sows at Weaning

  • Weaning and Moving Sows to the Breeding Department

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Breeding Toolbox

Artificial Insemination Technique
  • Swine Reproductive Anatomy

  • Understanding the Swine Estrous Cycle

  • Understanding Concepts of Swine Mating Behavior

  • Checking for Estrus (Gilts and Sows)

  • Artificial Insemination

  • Recording and Completing Breeding Cards

  • Determining Service Timing

  • Quality Control of Swine Semen

Maintaining Good Population Condition, Environment, and Health
  • Condition Scoring and Backfat Measurements

  • Goals and Tips for Feeding the Breeding Stock

  • Maintaining the Environment of the Breeding Barn

  • Shipping Culled Breeding Stock

  • Selection of Breeding Stock for Culling

  • ID and Treatment of Sick Sows in Gestation

  • Loading Farrowing Rooms

Gilt Development
  • Projecting Gilt Needs

  • Initiating Gilt Isolation and Development

  • Isolating, Vaccinating, Acclimating and Testing the Gilt

  • Estrus Induction and Designation in Gilts

  • Recording Gilt Groups and Monitoring Maturity

  • Transferring Gilts to Breeding

  • Feeding the Gilt to Stimulate Optimal Lifetime Productivity

Managing the Department
  • Calculating Service Target

  • Establishing and Maintaining a Snake

  • Pregnancy Testing with RTU

  • Visually Pregnancy Checking

  • Dealing with Late Weaners, Returns, Late Term Fallouts, and NIPS

  • Managing Late Term Fallout

  • Troubleshooting Breeding Problems

Euthanization with the Captive Bolt Gun

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