Multimedia Training Solutions for the Swine Industry

The Multimedia Training Department at Carthage Veterinary Service, Ltd. specializes in developing multimedia training/marketing applications for the swine industry.  These applications are used to train employees on critical aspects that are necessary for the successful completion of their job.  The applications can utilize audio, video, pictures, animations, 3D graphics, quizzes, and more.

If you have a need for a customized multimedia training project (training CD, product video, etc.) contact the CVS Multimedia Training Department.  The combination of our veterinary and multimedia teams, allows us to create highly effective and creative projects.

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Multimedia Training Services
Multimedia Training solutions for the swine industry. Multimedia CD's, instructional videos, 3D games / simulations, flash development, and more. Learn more...

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Training Toolboxes
Over 60 multimedia computer training lessons on breeding, farrowing, and wean-to-finish production techniques available in English and Spanish.
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Swine Farm Language Guide
We have an English to Spanish / Spanish to English language guide that translates many commonly used swine terms, as well as, numbers, directions, statements, and more.  Includes six audio CD’s and a booklet. Learn more...

Virtual Walking the Pens
A Wean-Finish 3D training simulation developed by CVS and ForgeFX and brought to you by Pfizer Animal Health. Download it for free at:

P's in a Pod
A monthly podcast brought to you by Pfizer Animal Health and Carthage Veterinary Service. P’s in a Pod covers practical tips on pigs, production and profitability. Access it here

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